BLOG 1: Weight of Social Media in your Career.


To most designers, having a social media presence is “the next big thing”. It’s a brief yet dynamic mania that ought to be taken benefit of while it remains in the publics eye. Regardless of what sort of designer you are; whether you lean towards UI Design, Visual Identities or Editorial Spreads, your potential clients won’t be able to resonate with you if you don’t own an accessible brand or social media identity. Irrespective of what industry your business is in, your potential clients access various social media platforms time and again. It is crucial that one creates an online presence in order to engage with your potential clients and have them linked to your brand so that you’re at all times their first choice.

In one of our previous class lectures, we discussed the strategies for promoting oneself online and how it can be beneficial. Each individual has various strategies of showcasing their work and grabbing the crowd. A few students in class mentioned that they would prefer to have their professional and private profile joint, as it would create more personality to their identity and could attract emotional attention. Whereas, a couple preferred to have them separate, keeping their business profiles professional, formal and not having it interfered. Our previous assignment required us to create a social media presence using various platforms where we are able to advertise our work and prove our experience.

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 3.17.29 AM
You can find my Instagram profile on:

One of the platforms I’ve chosen was Instagram as it has generated a root for one to get in touch with people in an entertaining and creative way.


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7 thoughts on “BLOG 1: Weight of Social Media in your Career.”

  1. You gave a short and good overview of how important a social media presence is for designers. I am the type of user that prefers private and business life in one profile.

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  2. Currently, I’m using Instagram for sharing my personal images and most often time I am not actively using it. This article made me realized the importance of using Instagram as another tool in having social media presence, going forward I will take advantage of its popularity in spreading my designs.

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  3. True, each individual promotes themselves in a different and unique way. I believe it depends on the individual, as the effort and time spend on the portfolio is what makes it better.

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  4. I like that you mentioned the importance of a social media presence and how it can help us in the creative field. A strong social media presence can definitely impact your career. I also like that you included a description of some of the discussions we had in class and other peoples opinion on the matter, however, I would have liked to hear more about your own views on whether or not you would have your professional and private profiles joint or not and why. Overall a good descriptive post. Good work.

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  5. I believe that you made the right choice picking Instagram as your first social media platform to showcase your work as it is a more visual form of showcasing which is beneficial to any graphic designer, what you wrote has lead me to believe that you are convinced that social media is an essential factor to any designer and I couldn’t agree more

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